Testimonials from Dog Days Atlanta Customers

Pets are family. We took the same care finding petcare as we did for finding daycare for our daughter. Ilsa has been going to Dog Days since she was a puppy. She's now 8 1/2 and we have never even thought about taking anywhere else. I guess that makes Dog Days part of the family.

~ Rich Maser

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If I could spend every waking moment with my dog at my side, I would. He totally lights up my world. But since I can’t, I take him somewhere I know he’ll be cared for. Where I’ll be greeted with a smile. And Where I can check in on him, even for only a second between meetings. I take my best friend to Dog Days.

~ Evan Pulliam

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If my dogs hear the name 'Dog Days' they literally start leaping with anticipation! Even if I don’t need dog day care, I can’t deprive Gracie and Charlotte of their happiest day of the week!! Gracie and Charlotte are beloved members of our family, but I have to admit they would rather spend their days at Dog Days hanging out with their pals! And the staff are dog lovers (who are super nice to owners too!) I can honestly say none of my four children enjoyed preschool as much as Gracie and Charlotte enjoy playing at Dog Days! When I watch the dogs at Dog Days, it reminds me of the great big dog party in 'Go, Dogs, Go' – they are having a blast! Until I found Dog Days, I dreaded 'the kennel decision' for family trips – now I know the professional staff at Dog Days will take care of my dogs as if they were their own and that Gracie and Charlotte will feel like they went on vacation too!

~ Cathie Wymer

Our dog, Pineapple is a member of our family, so her quality of life is very important to us. Her visits to Dog Days provide her with companionship, exercise and the same level detailed attention that she gets at home. It's become her home away from home. The new field trips are examples of how Dog Days really knows how to help keep your dog happy and healthy - and knows how to let dogs just be dogs.

~ Reid Richman